Westminster Film Festival

Westminster Film Festival

Tue 26 March 2019 17:00-22:00

The Auditorium, Harrow Campus

The UWSU Film Society (Est. 2011) provides weekly screenings for students, staff, alumni and external guests at the University of Westminster, London. We present a wide range of contemporary and classic cinema, including blockbusters, indie productions, cult classics, arthouse & foreign films. We also host Q&As and film premieres, as well as screenings of selected works from local filmmakers.

Our Film Society aims at creating an inviting atmosphere for everyone to watch, discuss and enjoy films - with attendees ranging from dedicated cinephiles to regular lovers of movies. We carefully build our selection of screenings by always keeping our members and their taste in mind. When they book their (free) tickets, members are invited to write down a movie they would like to see screened next at the Film Society - which we then take into consideration in our Committee meetings.

Since its foundation, the Society has been hosting a yearly international film festival (also known as the 'University of Westminster Film Festival'). The Festival is entirely lead by students and provides its attendees a cinema-grade projection quality and an unmissable discovery and networking opportunity. The Festival aims at showcasing the highest-quality and most original short film productions.

We screen films in our 7.1 surround sound, cinema-grade Auditorium (which seats 212) every Tuesday between 18.00 and 21.00.


Please read more about the rules and register your interest at Film Freeway: https://filmfreeway.com/uwsufilmsociety