The Crowd The Crowd
The Vote

Voting is open to all registered students. It can be done on a pc, your mobile, or at your campus voting booth.

Make sure you have successfully logged into This is how you will vote.

For some positions, like the Women's Officer, you will need to self-identity yourself to make you eligible to vote for the position.

Voting begins on 12th February 2018 and ends on 15th February at 2pm.

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The Opponents The Opponents
The Candidates

Candidates nominate themselves to stand for elected positions. After submitting their manifestos, they will begin preparing themslves for facing-off with the other candidates during campaigning week and voting week.

The positions available include Sabbatical Officers, Representation Officers and NUS Delegates.

Nominations open 4 December, and close at midnight on 28th January 2018.

Nominate yourself
The Gold The Gold

Candidates will compete for their position by campaigning on campus, and participating in Elections Debates. The rules governing what they can and cannot do is outlined in the Elections Guide.

After the voting period ends, the votes will be counted, and winners announced on Results Night - open to all students to attend.

Results Night is on the 15th February 2018, Thursday 6pm at the Loft, Harrow Campus

Nominate yourself
People that stand for something and achieve greatness aren’t born that way. They make a brave decision , to push themselves and see what they're capable of. Student Leaders are no different. Any student can nominate themselves for leadership positions in this election. If you feel you have what it takes to lead students, to create positive, lasting change for fellow students, read about the positions and nominate yourself. Nominations close close at 11.59pm on 28th January 2018
Should you nominate yourself? Find out if you have what it takes...
The following positions are listed below. After the nominations period closes on January 28th 2018, candidates will be provided training for running campaigns, elections principles, and participating in the debates. The starting date for all positions is July 2nd 2018. Make sure you read the elections guide for position descriptions.
Full Time
  • UWSU President
  • Vice-President Cavendish
  • Vice-President Marylebone
  • Vice-President Harrow
  • Vice-President Regent & LTS

These five full-time officers set the direction of the Students' Union. We support one sabbatical officer for each campus, along with a president, who represents all students across all campuses.

These are paid positions, enabling you to support a London life-style whilst maintaining your role.

  • BAME Officer
  • Disability Officer
  • International Officer
  • LGBTI Officer
  • Women's Officer
  • 4x NUS Delegates

These volunteer officers support the full-time officers and look after the interests of particular groups, such as LGBT, international and disabled students.

NUS delegates represent Westminster at the annual National Union of Students' annual conference,bringing together nearly a thousand delegates from students' unions to debate and vote on motions and elect NUS political leadership

The Vote
Voting is open to all students. In a landmark improvement, students can now simply login to with their student login to vote. This can be done on a pc or mobile device. The Battle of the Campuses happens every year, and we expect this year's to be fiercer than ever. Which campus will have the greater voter turn-out? You will be able to keep track of live participation stats and updates on a page we will lauch nearer the time.
Elections Guide
If you are nominating yourself, you must make sure you have read the elections guide. It contains all the essential info for the positions, and how the elections process works.