The Vote The Vote
The Vote

Voting is open to all registered students. It can be done on a pc, your mobile, or at your campus voting booth.

Make sure you have successfully logged into This is how you will vote.

For some positions, like the Women's Officer, you will need to self-identity as a woman on your election profile in order to vote.

Voting begins on Monday 11th March 2019 and ends on Thursday 14th March 2019 at 7pm.

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The Candidates The Candidates
The Candidates

Candidates nominate themselves to stand for elected positions. After submitting their manifestos, they will begin preparing themselves to persuade you to vote for them.

The positions available include Sabbatical Officers, Representation Officers and new Campus Liaison Officers.

Voting opens from Monday 28th January till Thursday 28th February at 2pm.

Candidate List
Results Night Results night

Candidates will compete for their position by campaigning on campus, and participating in Elections Debates. The rules governing what they can and cannot do is outlined in the Elections Guide.

After the voting period ends, the votes will be counted, and winners announced on Results Night - open to all students to attend.

Results Night is on the 15th March 2019 at Harrow Campus Forum from 7pm

Watch Live Here!
Make sure you have done your research before you vote, read the manifestos and attend the debates because the person you pick will represent your needs and rights for the next year, so vote wisely! Voting week starts on the 11th March 2019 When it comes to voting we have made it super simple, log in and click the big red button “Vote Now”.

You will need to rank the candidates in order of preference and if you don’t agree with any of them, you can select
Re-Open nominations (RON)
Live Elections Stats
Follow live statistics of the Battle of the Campus, as we see which campus has the higher voter turnout. Cast your vote to increase the % from your campus.
The Battle of the Campuses happens every year, and we expect this year's to be fiercer than ever. Which campus will have the greater voter turn-out? You will be able to keep track of live participation stats and updates on a page we will lauch nearer the time.
We have 14 diverse positions here at Westminster! All our roles are split into two catergories Part Time Officers and Full Time Officers. Our Part Time Officers are voluntary positions that run alongside their studies at Westminster. This is the perfect role for someone who wants to still do their degree whilst making a change to student life. The Full Time Officers either postpone their studies or run once they have completed their degree, this is a full time job in the Students’ Union. The starting date for all postions is the
1st of July 2019 and you will get an in-depth induction for the first few weeks so that you have all the information you need to do great in your role.
Full Time
  • UWSU President
  • Vice President Welfare
  • Vice President Activities
  • Vice President Undergraduate Education
  • Vice President Postgraduate Education

These are full time paid positions within the organisation. The five full time officers set the direction for the Students’ Union. These officers workalongside the SU staff team and sit on the Union Trustee Board.

  • Representation Officers

  • BAME Officer
  • Disability Officer
  • International Officer
  • LGBTI Officer
  • Women's Officer

  • Campus liaison officers

These roles are volunteer positions allowing you to continue your studies whilst creating change.

There are two types of roles within the part time structure, Representation Officers and Campus Liaison Officers.

Campus Liasion Officers is a new role which gives these Officers the opportunity to be the eyes, ears and voice for students on campus.