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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Question Time?

Question time is your chance to put your questions to those running to be your sabbatical officers. We are hosting a range of online events to give you the opportunity to get to know the candidates a little better before choosing who you want to vote for. These sessions will be ran online and you can confirm your attendance by click on the event here.

When is Question Time?

Question Times will take place over three nights this week. You can tune in on our Youtube and Facebook pages at the following times:

Tuesday 23rd February, 4:30pm: Vice President Activities

Tuesday 23rd February, 7pm: Vice President Welfare

Wednesday 24th February, 4:30pm: Vice President Postgraduate Education

Wednesday 24th February, 7pm: Vice President Undergraduate Education

Thursday 25th February, 4:30pm: President

I can't make debate night; can I still stay up to date?

Don’t worry -we’ve got you covered. You will be able to watch back the Question Times at your leisure on our Facebook and YouTube pages. You can also send us questions in advance, either via our social media or email on

When can I vote?

Voting is open from 10am on 1st March to Friday 5th March at 12pm. You will be able to do this from anywhere, via an email link you will be directly sent. If you don’t have an email link then just drop us a message on our chat function and we can sort you out a new link.

Why should I bother voting?

1. You've paid a lot of money to be at University! Make the most out of it by ensuring you vote for your future Officers whose manifestos align with your interests and University needs.

2. Having the right to vote is a privilege and you should exercise that right. People have literally fought and died so we can have a fair and just democratic process.

3. Your peers need your support! The candidates running in the elections are passionate to make change happen in the University. Lecture capture, new social spaces, disability & mental health support, more social events, etc. are just some of the things previous Officers have provided.

4. Incentives for all! We've introduced a voter meter - it's essentially a meter with milestones. The more students vote, the more you can get.

5. Our voting system is simple and easy. On Monday 1st March, you will be sent an direct link to vote, no login required. You will go through each of the roles, and all you need to do is click on candidates in order of your preference. That's literally it!

What is a manifesto?

A manifesto is a statement of intent as to the kind of priorities the students running for Officer want to achieve. These are otherwise known as their campaigning priorities. You can read them all here. Read through the manifestos and decide which candidate most supports your views and pick them as your new officer.

What is a Sabbatical Officer?

A sabbatical officer is a student who either takes a year out of their studies or has just finished University. They are a paid member of staff, who lead the political direction of the Students’ Union. They all sit as trustees on our Trustee Board, meaning they have oversight on our finances, strategic plan and direction. They work with senior management of the University to affect change across campus. This person is your voice to the university and it’s their role to ensure when all key decisions are being made that the views of students are represented.

What is a Part Time Officer?

A part-time officer is a student volunteer, who takes up the role while they are still studying. They represent our four campuses. They are the voice for all issues relating to that specific campus.

I feel like a candidate might have broken a rule. What can I do?

UWSU’s elections are guided by the following principles:

Inclusivity: We pride ourself on being part of a vibrant and diverse community and support others in that community.

Accessibility: We will make it as easy as possible for students to understand and get involved in the Elections.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our own actions, and are able to answer reasonable questions on our conduct.

Fairness: We believe that everyone should be treated equally or in a way which is right and reasonable.

Respect: We engage positively with each other, treating others with care and understanding.

Transparency: We act in an open way, without secrets.

If you feel one of these has been broken, please let us know with as much detail as possible via this form. The Deputy Returning Officer will then be in touch to let you know any actions taken or additional information needed. You must fill this in by the end of polling (Friday 5th March, 12pm)


If you have any queries or would like to discuss the roles in detail, please email a member of the Voice Team will get back to you.


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