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UoW Staff Elections Guidance

We are currently running our elections to determine our Officer Team for the 2021-2022 academic year. These are crucial roles for the entire University community, electing leaders to continue to the strong partnership between the University of Westminster and the Students' Union.

As a staff member, you can help our community to promote and encourage students to cast their vote.

See below some FAQs of how you can help. If your question is not answered, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with 

Alternatively, if you are a member of UWSU Student Staff, you can find guidance on what you can and can't do here.

What are the elections?

We are electing our next team of Sabbatical and Part Time Officers. These are high level student representatives to lead the Students' Unions work. The Sabbatical Officers are full time, paid positions, who interact closely with senior management in the University to make improvements across the University. They focus on the key areas of student experience: Activities, Education and Welfare. We also have a series of Part Time Officers who represent our key student communities of: Cavendish, Harrow, Marylebone and Regent & LTS. They will all be in place for the next academic year.

What has this got to do with me?

A strong student voice can only enhance the University of Westminster as a workplace. As a staff member, you are likely to interact in some way with the Officers throughout the year. Whether that be informally by hearing a rumour of new places to heat up your food at lunch, to sitting across from them in a meeting. This is your opportunity to ensure that those people are truly representative of the students you interact with throughout your job. The Education Act 1994 cements the Students' Unions role in representing students, and the Universities roles in supporting us to meet this aim. 

Who can vote in the elections?

All students are eligible to vote in our Sabbatical Officer Elections. For our Part-Time positions, only students who identify into that community can vote. For example, you have to be a Harrow student to vote in the Harrow Campus Liaison Officer election.

How can students vote?

Students can vote from 10am on Monday 1st March to 7pm on Thursday 4th March 2021. Polls will be open from 7am to 7pm daily. The quickest and easiest way to vote is by them opening the email sent to them from the Students' Union, which will contain their unique fast track link. This will be re-sent to them every day during voting week until they have voted. Alternatively, they can head to and login and vote from there. In order to vote, they will simply select the candidates they wish to vote for, in order of preference.

Can students do shoutouts in my lecture?

Yes! We would be grateful if you did say yes to students who approach you about doing a lecture shoutout. However, if you say yes to one person running for a position, if any other student running for the same position approaches you, you must also say yes to them.

Can I do a shoutout in my lecture?

Yes! We'd love it if you took 2 minutes out of your lecture to encourage students to vote, and give them time to vote. We've put together a few slides for you to use if you'd like, feel free to talk around them! You can find the slides here.

Can I tell students who I would vote for?

No, you can't. As a member of University staff, you must remain neutral in your outlook on the elections. This means you can't favour one candidate over another, or encourage students to vote for a particular candidate. This allows our election to be as free and fair, as it is our students who lead and make the important decisions in the Students' Union.

I think a student has broken a rule, how do I raise this?

You can do so via our quick and easy form here by the close of polling (Thursday 4th March, 7pm). Complaints can only be made if you think a candidate (or their campaigners) have broken one of our rules, which can be found in the election handbook here