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Drugs and Alcohol

It is important that you enjoy your time at University, however if you are consuming alcohol it’s important to be safe and know the facts. The NHS website states the recommended weekly allowance is 14 units - to break that down a typical pint of beer is 2 units and a glass of wine is 2.1 units; if you had a gin and tonic you would be 1 unit down. NHS recommends spreading your 14 units over at least 3 days and having a few non drinking days per week.

If you think you or your friend has a problem and is drinking more than the 14 units per week then we suggest you speak with your GP. In our venues we make sure we are a responsible retailer and do not serve students that are already under the influence. If you try to enter our venues when you are clearly intoxicated then you will be refused entry.

Most drugs, aside from alcohol, are illegal to possess in the UK.  If you are caught with drugs by the police you could face charges and even prison.

If you are caught with drugs on the Univerisity or Students' Union premises then you could face being suspended from University and even reported to the police.

If you are living in Halls it’s important to remember they do random room searches and again, if you are caught you could face seriously complications.

If you think you or someone you know are struggling with Drug misuse then FRANK is a great resource to give you more information and support about what options you have. If you are really concerned, we suggest you speaking with your GP. 

UWSU takes misuse of drugs very seriously. We have a zero tolerance drugs policy.