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Digital Rep

Online teaching working well? Or concerned about a new online assessment? Post it on Digital Rep!

What is it?

Digital Rep is now the primary way your Course Rep will collect feedback on course-related issues now that teaching and assessments have moved online. It is a message board style tool where you can post praises, concerns and ideas about your course. You can like, dislike and comment on posts to start the conversation. Course Reps will read your posts and analyse this collective feedback.

How is it used?

If you think that the way your teaching and learning has moved online isn’t working for you then post your concerns or ideas and your Course Rep will see this and take it to your Course Leader on your behalf. After meeting with your Course Leader, your Course Rep will then post an official response to update you with any action being taken.

If you have an urgent concern, please contact your Course Rep directly, you can find their email address using the Find My Course Rep function on our website. Alternatively, any really urgent concerns should be emailed to your Course Leader directly. Remember, Digital Rep is for academic and course-related posts only.

Click the button below to enter Digital Rep and submit your course feedback!


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We have written an article which has a step-by-step guide on how to use Digital Rep. You can find it here.