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Got Feedback About Your Course?

Academic Representation at Westminster has several tiers, working a bit like a pyramid. The foundation is our 900+ elected Course Reps, who then work with School Reps and your elected VP Undergraduate Education and VP Postgraduate Education. The Student Union trains them and provides them with resources to give you a voice in all matters relating to your univeristy education and effectively represent your academic interests at even the highest levels of the university! Your Academic Reps create a huge amount of positive change for you, all supported by the Students' Union who have representing your voice at the heart of our Strategy.

Find Your Rep

Once you are signed in (top right) then click the button below to find the names and contact info of your Course Reps and School Reps


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You can also post a praise, idea or concern about your course on Digtial Rep and it will be sent to your Course Rep and other students on your course can like, dislike and comment on your post!


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Want To Find Out More?

We have a whole page on how we represent your academic interests. Check it out here to find out how your reps create a massive amount of positive change to your educational experience at university! And feel free to pop the Representation and Voice Team an email at if you have any questions!