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Coronavirus update

The Coronavirus outbreak is a challenging, uncomfortable and difficult time for us all and the wellbeing of our community is foremost in our mind as we review our operating status in line with UK Goverment and Public Health England advice.

While at this time, no diagnosed cases of Coronavirus have been reported at our University by Public Health England, the University - jointly with the Students' Union - has today taken a decision to move to online delivery of teaching and assessment from Monday 23 March

We have taken this decision following concern within our University community.

Will our University campuses remain open?

It's fine to come onto campus and the University's campuses will remain open unless the University is required to change its operating status. All services and facilities are still being provided, although there may be some changes in operating arrangements.


However, as teaching and assessment will all be delivered online from 23 March, you may prefer to access this remotely.

Student residences operated by the University will continue to run as normal. 

Online learning
We've been working hard to make the preparations for all your lectures, tutorials, assessments and examinations to be moved to online delivery.


To help prepare for the move to online delivery from 23 March, please make sure you use the online resources on Blackboard, on the Student Hub and in the library over the week ahead – this will help you to be well placed to continue your learning. 

If there is anything you are unsure of please engage with the Blackboard help facility and your course or module leader.

The Univesrity are looking at ways in which they can make laptops available on loan to student who don't have personal access to one. 

New Government guidance on self-isolation/staying at home

Please be mindful that the Government has newly advised that anyone with a new persistent cough or high temperature should stay at home for seven days. Check the University's Coronavirus web page for links to helpful information. 

How to support your wellbeing?

Please help our University community by thinking about your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your friends and those around you at this time by:

  • Acting on the Government advice to stay at home if you have a new persistent cough or high temperature
  • Taking the time to make arrangements to prepare for the move to full online delivery
  • Continuing to follow the highest standards of hygiene including regular hand-washing in line with NHS advice.
  • Following Government advice on international travel 


Please be thoughtful and respectful of all those around you at this time.

For any wellbeing queries you can contact