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  • Rowing Half Year Membership£40.00


"The University of Westminster Rowing Club has gone from strength to strength over the past few month. The club has gone from being an intermittent rowing club to now being able to regularly put out several boats a week full of beginner and intermediate rowers. Led by newly appointed head coach and England Rower, Ash Cowley, the progress of the club has been exceptional and the students' very much are looking forward to their first opportunity to compete." 

"The eight which can be seen in these photos hasn't been used by the Students of the University in some time. In the process of once again getting it onto the water we discovered that the boat was named "The Hogg" after the founder of the University and also the boat club which we are very closely linked with, The Quintin Boat Club."






University of Westminster Boat Club - friendly and competitive club catering for beginner and experienced rowers and scullers.

For those who have never rowed, or even considered rowing before we will be running a learn to row course which has the ability to take you from a complete novice to ready to compete within a few months.  

Training take place in Chiswick, across the road from Westminster sports ground.

Usual practice days are Wedsdays (afternoons), Saturdays and Sundays (mornings and early afternoons). 

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For experienced rowers and those who have rowed before the University of Westminster Boat Club has a fantastic relationship with the Quintin Boat Club. By being a member of the University Club you are automatically a member of Quintin giving you its full range of benefits from boat usage to access to competitive rowing. 

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We are eager to get Students Rowing as soon as possible so if you are interested in any of the above, please contact Chris at and he will be able to get you started.









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