Candidate Hub

Well done for taking a big step in putting yourself forward for election. This page is intended to be your one stop shop for the key information you need over the next few weeks, including the key deadlines. 


Click on the type of role you are running for below to view your election timeline.


Full time Officer           Part Time Officer or NUS Delegate


Other key documents for you to familarise yourself with:


The Election Handbook.        How you can and cannot campaign          Explanation of the voting system 


These roles all involve taking an important role in leading an charity, representing around 20,000 members with a high financial turnover. Click on the links below to find out more about the context of the roles, research we've undertaken and our current strategic priorities. 


About Westminster Students                          UWSU Strategy


2019 Voice Week: 2 page summary                 2019 Voice Week: Detailed Report