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We’ve had two vacancies become open to join our Officer Team. These are part-time voluntary roles and are a perfect fit around your studies which will enable you to represent your peers and make change across campus. You won't need to run for campus-wide election - just express your interest and come to the first student council of the year to be co-opted into the role. 

What roles are available?

We are currently looking for an International Students’ Officer and Marylebone Campus Liaison Officer. 

What do these roles involve?

Both of these roles involve representing groups of students (either International or Marylebone) by working with the rest of the Officer Team and the University to make positive changes. You could do this by hosting events, campaigning on an issue affecting your peers and attending senior University meetings. Supported by a team of UWSU staff, your role will help to ensure we are considering the needs of the students you represent in decisions we make. 

How will the co-option work?

1. Nominations are now open.

2. Students have until 12pm on Thursday 10th October 2019 to let us know they are interested.

3. UWSU staff will confirm interested students are eligible to run (a current confirmed University of Westminster and either self-identify as an International Student or a Marylebone Student -role dependant). 

4. Confirmed candidates will be invited to:

- Submit 100 words on why they should have the position (by 12pm Thursday 17th October).

- Attend Student Council (taking place 5:30pm on Thursday 24th October) to make a 1-minute speech on why they should have the position.

5. Members of Student Council (on Thursday 24th October) will vote via Single Transferrable Vote (with ‘Re-open nominations as a candidate) at the start of Student Council.

6. The winning candidate shall take up their post immediately, with their term of office running until June 2020. UWSU staff will provide training on the key aspects of the role.

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