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Launch a Campaign

The Students' Union is yours, and everything we do collectively starts with an idea. Whether that’s to get more microwaves, fight for better mental health provision or even improve your student group – it all starts with an idea. If there is something that you are really passionate about and would like to see happen at your University, then submit your campaign idea below.

How do I launch a campaign?

To start your campaign all you need to do is submit your campaign idea via this easy form. Then, twice a term all students get the opportunity to vote on which campaigns they’d like to see UWSU support. If your idea gets more than 30 ‘yes’ votes, it becomes a campaign of the Students’ Union giving you access to apply for funding through our campaigns budget, regular staff support from our full-time staff team and access to share your campaign with our Student Council. 

Will I get any help with my campaign?

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Feel free to email us on at any time, including before you submit your campaign idea. You will also get invited to specific training on how to get the thirty ‘yes’ votes you need, as well as training on how to run your campaign if successful in receiving your ‘yes’ votes.

Can I get funding for my campaign?

Yes! UWSU has a campaigns budget which once your campaign has received the required 30 ‘yes’ votes, you will be able to apply to use. We’ll let you know more about this process once your campaign has been approved. 

What dates do I need to be aware of?

Get your ideas in before 21st January 2021 in order to take part in our next voting period, which will start on the 25th January 2021. If successful, your idea will be presented at Student Council on 11th February 2021

If not, you can submit your idea by the 25th February 2021 to take part in the last voting period of the academic year from the 1st March 2021, ahead of Student Council on 16th March 2021.

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