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Green Dot celebrates 1,000 trained

Monday 12-07-2021 - 16:18

Westminster celebrates 1,000 trained in the Green Dot Active Bystander initiative

Green Dot, the University of Westminster’s active bystander training programme which focuses on sexual abuse, domestic abuse and harassment, has reached a milestone of 1,000 trainees.

Run for both students and colleagues, the Green Dot programme explores how to be an active bystander during incidences of sexual abuse, domestic abuse and harassment. Attendees are equipped with the confidence and knowledge to identify warning signs, intervene safely, recognise their barriers and challenge social norms in their community. 

The programme was launched in collaboration with the University of Westminster Students’ Union in 2017, making Westminster the first UK university to introduce the initiative, introducing a pioneering programme and campaign against power-based violence in 2017 supported by Catalyst (Office for Students) and funding from the Quintin Hogg Trust. Since then, 1,000 students and colleagues have been trained including UEB members, Governors, Student Leaders, FANS and Residential Assistants. The University has also mentored other institutions in the UK following through with the training programme.

Shaneen Kainth, Student Support Development Officer, said: “I am so happy that Green Dot has become a household name at the University in the last few years. When I first came on board, the University was going through a period of transformation and uncertainty. But seeing the determination of colleagues and students to drive this project forward has been amazing. We truly are progressive, responsible and compassionate.”

Its success also contributed to the launch of Report and Support platform earlier this year. The online tool allows students to report incidences of sexual misconduct, harassment and bullying, while also being able to access internal and external support resources. 

A University of Westminster student, who took part in a Green Dot training, said: “I really liked how the training encourages individuals to be proactive in protecting and preventing others from being harmed. The discussion about scenarios is also a good idea to get people to discuss certain situations and ways to help.”

Find out more about the programme via the Green Dot Active Bystander webpage.  

Student training dates are to be scheduled at the start of the academic year and will be advertised on the Student Hub. 


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