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Freshminster Checklist

Wednesday 14-08-2019 - 17:26
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Congratulations you are officially about to become a Westminster University Student, but before you arrive and dive into student life there are a few things you need to remember to do!  

Be event Savvy! 

Get your Freshminster Wristband. There is loads of events happening during freshers and buying a wristband means you save 25%. It gets you into all the key events during the week so you can rest knowing you already got your ticket as some of the events will sell out fast! The wristband includes Messy Mondays, Sin Bin, Movie night and Freshers Finale.  

Know London better than a cabbie  

Get to know your way around London, it can be a massive help when you have a lecture at 12 at Regent but then need to run to Marylebone for a seminar. Knowing how to get around can help you when it comes to traveling at night too, we have a post on our wellbeing page that gives some advice on staying safe.  

Get involved with our Student Groups 

Although university is about getting that degree it's also about experiences, which is why joining a student group can change your whole experience whilst you study. It’s a great way to meet likeminded people and for those of you who are looking for some employability experience it’s a great way to build on your CV. Join everything that you’re interested in, it’s the perfect opportunity to try new things and the more you try the more people you get to meet.  

Take time and Hideaway  

We have just opened a brand-new social space in central London! The Hideaway is the perfect place to get away from the first week of enrolment and grab something to eat and drink. You can get a coffee to keep you going in the day and then when lectures end come back and enjoy a refreshing drink in the bar! Keep an eye out for the exciting events that will be happening in the Hideaway... we suggest you start practicing your singing skills now.  

Staying fueled

The first two weeks of student life can be hard, so it's important to make sure you keep yourself fit and healthy. We have some great tips and tricks on our wellbeing page that include finding yourself a GP and the benefits of healthy eating. Once you have moved in and met your flat mates you will be too busy to go food shopping, so we really suggest you go when you move in and meal prep then you are sorted for the whole week.  


Make sure to attend your freshers' fairs, if you’re a Harrow student then there is a fair on the 18th of September but if you are based in central then there is a two-day fair on the 19th & 20th. We are giving out goody bags with some great freebies including hair masks, Roundtree sweets and protein bars! Top tip; get a Goody bag at the start of the fair then you can put all the other freebies inside and have arms free to sign up to our amazing student groups!  


If your living in Halls in Harrow you have roughly 600 neighbors but sometimes you can still get a little lonely, fear not we have a bar onsite open till late during the week and it’s a great place to meet new people. Undercroft serves Pieminister pies so when you want a little home comfort food head to the bar and our team will serve you a hot pie to keep you going. Our famous Messy Monday’s is run in our Loft bar it's our weekly club night on campus and it is guaranteed each week to be more Messy than the last!  

You become rich overnight 

When your student loan finally drops, and you log into your mobile banking don’t be fooled this money has to last you all semester, yes it might seem like the most money you have had in your account before but don’t spend it in one go. Every year there is that one student that heads straight to Oxford Street, but that same student then eats Sainsburys basic baked beans the rest of the year. Be wise and create yourself a budget because it will help get you through what will be a long semester.  

We are here for you!  

There is 7000 of you all starting this September and the wellbeing of each of you is important to us. We understand that this could be one of the biggest changes in your life and whilst experiences are exciting, they are also very daunting. For those of you who feel you need a little support, then please get in touch we offer a great advice team and all our staff are here to help you settle in to your first couple of weeks. We will all be wearing UWSU branded tops so at any point you see us don’t be afraid to ask us for help, it's what we are here for!  

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