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Fairtrade Fortnight

Thursday 20-02-2020 - 20:11

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be letting you know about the Fairtrade Foundation and the different certified products that you can buy at UWSU outlets! As we work to become more sustainable in 2020, your help in buying our Fairtrade range allows us to support ethical practices in our commercial outlets.


What is Fairtrade?

The Fairtrade Foundation is a global initiative that works to improve products in their sustainability, both economic and environmental. That means, when you’re buying a product with the Fairtrade logo, you can rest assured that you won’t be contributing to unethical practices in the supply chains, such as habitat destruction or modern slavery. The Fairtrade Certification means that the product you are purchasing has been vetted at all levels of its supply chain. Read more about the Fairtrade standards on their website:


The certification also means that the producers have agreed to a fairer price, which leads the farmers themselves to have liveable wages. This is why some Fairtrade products may be a bit more expensive than non-Fairtrade counterparts. By choosing Fairtrade, you’re ensuring that workers all across the world are receiving a fair and equal wage, and sending the message that you are a conscious consumer.


What does UWSU Offer that is Fairtrade?

All of the coffee and cocoa sold in the Hideaway is certified by the World Cocoa Foundation, and Starbucks’ Espresso Roast (the only roast we sell), is certified Fairtrade! The 'My Coffee Station' at our Harrow Shop is also 100% Fairtrade! In our shop, we also sell a number of Fairtrade products, including Westminster and Dragons branded t-shirts and hoodies, sandwiches, chocolates, and crisps!  Visit one of our outlets to see what else is on sale which is Fairtrade Certified! Also, have a look out for other certifications, such as:


1.Leaping Bunny (but look out for fakes, especially when shopping online!)

2. V for Vegan/Vegetarian certified products

3. Better Business Certification

4.B Corp Certification

You can see a full list of certifications here

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