Page:Statement On Antisemitism from the UWSU Advice Service
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Statement On Antisemitism from the UWSU Advice Service

The UWSU Advice Service recognises and acknowledges the rise in antisemitism in London as an immediate concern, especially to our members of Jewish cultural and religious backgrounds. This rise is as high as 400% (source: Independent), and we understand that this increase in antisemitic behaviour can cause worry amongst our Jewish members; including negative impacts on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

We want to highlight that the actions of the Israeli state are not reflected, or at fault, in the British-Jewish community. We do not condemn the majority because of the actions of a few, and will not stand for behaviours of antisemitism, discrimination, or any other forms of prejudice against a group, or groups, of people. 

CST (Community Security Trust) defines antisemitic incidents as, “An antisemitic incident is any malicious act aimed at Jewish people, organisations or property, where there is evidence that the incident has antisemitic motivation or content, or that the victim was targeted because they are (or are believed to be) Jewish.”

As an organisation that exists to represents all members at the University of Westminster – regardless of race, gender, religion, or any other defining characteristic – we want to remind you of the support systems available if you were, or are, being subjected to antisemitic incidents. If you, or someone you know, are experiencing antisemitism and/or any other form of discrimination or racism, please access support in the following ways:

► Report and Support: At the University of Westminster, students can report experience of bullying, harassment, hate crime, sexual misconduct, or any other discrimination; you can do so anonymously or provide contact details: 

► CST  and If you are in immediate danger, please call the police on 999. Then call the CST National Emergency Number 0800 032 3263

► UWSU Advice Service: The Students’ Union Advice Service is an impartial, free, and confidential service that is separate from the University of Westminster. It provides support and advice for students on various matters, and because it does not fall with UoW, advisors can provide unbiased advice, even on University related issues: