Keeping happy and healthy is key to getting the most out of your university experience. There are lots of ways to enhance your experience including:

  • Joining a society or sports team.
  • Or even joining the gym.

Talking to Someone.

It’s true that a problem shared is a problem halved and talking to someone is often the first step.

The advice team are here to help with any problems you have, they are available on every campus throughout the year.

The Students’ Union’s free, confidential Advice Service, they can help with a range of issues from:

  • Immigration and visas
  • Council Tax
  • Money management.
  • Student finance
  • Support for care leavers

The union also offers counselling and talk therapy services by appointment, the NHS also offers similar services on its NHS Choices website. If you’d like to talk to someone on the phone or by email the Samaritans are also able to help.

It’s always important to look after your mental health as much as your physical health.

Our Advice Team is committed to ensuring that you get access to the help that you need right on your campus in the SU office.

Looking after your sexual health is extremely important. You can get free and confidential sexual health services from the NHS. Find a clinic near you on the NHS Choices website. Plus, the SU can provide free condoms.

Juggling your study with parenting, caring or a pregnancy can be challenging, yet hopefully rewarding. The SU can help, if your struggling or just want some advice ask the SU.

  • If you’re a student parent or about to become a parent you could be entitled to financial help, the University’s website is full of helpful information on this subject.
  • If you’re a carer who provides support to a family member or friend the SU could also help to provide support.

There is also mitigating circumstances if your finding your studies too much, this will help by deferring modules, essays and exams.

All of the University’s campuses offer places of prayer and worship to accommodate students of every faith. Please visit the Univeristy’s page on the available prayer rooms and faith facilities available on each campus here.

How to Access Healthcare

The NHS (National health service) is free to everyone. Make sure your registered with a GP in your area so you can access the healthcare when you’re sick. Westminster also runs a nurse run health service which operates out of Marylebone and Harrow Campuses.

This service provides:

  • appointments with doctors and nurses
  • urgent treatment
  • health and lifestyle guidance.
  • vaccine and travel health
  • contraceptive advice (and free condoms)
  • dental advice
  • sexual health

Make an appointment here.

Drop-in opening times

Cavendish & Harrow

Tuesday 2-4pm
Thursday 11 – 1 (Harrow only)

Regents & Marylebone
Thursday 2-4pm

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