All international students are warmly welcomed by the University of Westminster Students Union! On this page you will find information relevant to your time in the UK.


Opening a Bank Account

Most International students will be able to open a basic bank account. This type of account will allow you to pay in and withdraw money. You will not be able to get credit such as an overdraft with a basic account.

You will be able to get credit with a current account but different rules will apply when opening this type of account and will vary between banks.To open a basic bank account you will need documents that identity who you are and that you are an international student.

For example: Your passport A letter from the University of Westminster confirming that you are a current student studying at the University.

For more information consult The British Banking Association’s (BBA) comprehensive guide for international students on opening a bank account,
the guide can be accessed here.

Urban Dictionary

It is fantastic to be part of such a multi-cultural community, but that can mean coming across many strrnge and unusual words / expressions. We compiled a helpful guide to help you out.

Read the Urban Dictionary

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