All Students are obliged to adhere to the code of conduct. Any breach of the Student Code of Conduct may be treated as a disciplinary mater, under the University's Student Disciplinary Procedure.

Breaches of the policy range from minor misdemeanours through to extremely serious allegations.

For examples range from, minor offences like eating or talking in the silent library to serious offences eg. Criminal damage or violence.

The Step- by- Step Procedure

  • Preliminary investigation – This process will decide the next step, the student will be notified of the outcome within 5 days as to if it will be on their permanent record.
  • Formal disciplinary interview – Involves the Dean of Faculty and member of staff interviewing you – the outcomes range from: Case dismissal to being referred to stage 2 of the procedure.
  • Disciplinary panel hearing – For this hearing, your allowed to bring a friend or SU Welfare adviser and evidence (which needs to be sent 24 hours in advance). You will be asked questions by various members of staff, think carefully about what you want to say beforehand, seek advice from the SU as needed. Outcomes – any of the above outcomes in stage 1 to be suspended for 1 year to eviction from halls.


If you are thinking of pursuing a complaint through the University's Student Complaints Procedure, you should also ensure that they are aware of the related Unacceptable Behaviour Policy.

What if the behavious is linked to the student's health or well-being?

Where a student’s behaviour is recognised as the result of issues relating to the student's health or well-being, the Fitness to Study Procedure .

How we can help you?

The Advice (RRW) team can help you understand the process and support you through this.


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