The university expects students to plan their time so they can meet assessment deadlines along with other life obligations.

However if you experience serious, unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances that interfere with your ability to sit and submit assessments then the Mitigating Circumstances (MC) process can help.

Examples of common circumstances

Please beware. This is not a definitive list


  1. Serious short-term illness
  2. Death of a close relative or friend
  3. Sudden deterioration of a long-term condition

Please beware. This is not a definitive list


  1. Medical issues that occurred outside the relevant assessment period
  2. Holiday/employment commitments
  3. Ignorance of deadlines

Be aware: if you go along to the assessment or hand in the coursework, you are deeming yourself fit to do so, and it will become much more difficult to make a successful MC claim.

How to fill out an MC form

Fill out an MC form

Submit the above completed form with your supporting documentary evidence to your Faculty Registry office or via your e:vision portal as soon as possible and within the relevant MC deadline dates listed here

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How can we help you?

  1. We can help you understand the Mitigating Circumstances (MC) procedure and give you guidance on whether you have grounds for making a claim.
  2. We can help you with completing the form and checking that you have the appropriate evidence to support your claim.