Academic Advice

I want to change my course

If you are thinking about changing your course, get in touch with our Advice team and they will be able to assist with your query and advise you on how best to proceed.

I am not happy with how my course is being run

If you’re not happy with your course but can see areas where recommendations and actions can be taken to improve, contact your course rep using the course rep finder. They will be able to take your feedback directly to the Head of School and your Course Leader. If you feel you need to make a complaint about your course or a lecture, then please book an appointment with our advisors who can support you with this.

I am not happy with my results

You can’t change your grades but if you contact one of our advisors, they will support you with alternative options such as ensuring you have been marked fairly. 

I think I need to make a complaint

Whether you need to make a complaint about a lecture or a fellow student please reach out to our advice team who will be able to support you with the best process to follow, they will ensure that you feel support and safe throughout the whole procedure. 

Help, I can’t hand my work in

Coursework is part of university life and whilst we understand that you will always try your best to achieve your deadlines, we know that sometimes things are out of your control. In some of these circumstances you can apply for Mitigating Circumstance which can either give you an extension on deadlines or mean that your marker will take into consideration your current situation when grading your work. It’s really important that you find our whether you qualify for Mitigating Circumstance before you submit as submitting your work means you are fit to sit and will be grading on the work you have sent. Contact our Advice Team for more information.

I have been told I have plagiarised, what do I do?

Plagiarism is a big worry for students when you submit your work via Turn It In, it will give you a percentage of the plagiarism found within your work, we recommend you checking through before you submit. If you have been found guilty of plagiarism then please reach out to our Advice Team who will be able to support you through your university hearing offering you the best advice on the course to take. 

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