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Academic Reps

Academic Reps represent your voices on all things related to your studies at Westminster. They are students just like you! UWSU have Course Reps who represent the voice of students on your course and School Reps who represent the voice of students across your whole School. Both Course Reps and School Reps work with your Vice Presidents of Undergraduate Education and Postgraduate Education to make change on your behalf at university level!

Got feedback about your course? Get your voice heard here!

1. Provide 24/7 online feedback

2. Speak to your rep

3. Find out what reps do

More information on the roles can be found here. Information for staff can be found at the bottom of the page.


Provide 24/7 online feedback

Got something to say about your course? Did you have an inspiring lecture? Concern about an online assessment? Let us know your feedback online on Digital Rep and others can like and comment on your post! Your Course Rep will pick it up and raise it with your Course Leader and will post a response as quickly as possible. Only those on your course and your Course Reps and School Rep can see the posts!


Submit Online Feedback


You can also check out this Digital Rep article for some guidance.


Speak to reps

Want to speak to someone directly? Use the ‘Find Your Rep’ button below to find out the email address of your Course Rep or School Rep.


Find Your Rep


What do reps do?

Academic reps represent your best interest in everything academic – that can be with your teaching and learning, from lectures and seminars, assessments and feedback, issues with library resources and facilities and even down to timetabling.

Academic representation at Westminster is a partnership between the Students' Union and the university - it operates at three levels: course level, School level and university level - your reps work together to make a massive positive change to your educational experience at university!

What is a Course Rep?

Course Reps are the backbone of our academic representation system. They represent the academic interest of everyone on their course. Course Reps are elected near the start of the academic year (usually in October but some courses start in January). Apply by nominating yourself to your Course Leader! A Course Rep listens to you and your peers, collects feedback that includes any praises, ideas or concerns you may have about your course. They do this through Digital Rep but may ask for feedback in class - but they are there to listen to you. They meet with your Course Leader at least once per term to raise any feedback and decide together on actions to address issues. There are Course Reps for each cohort of students (Level 4 reps, Level 5 reps, Level 6 reps and so on). We work with both undergraduate and postgraduate reps, but PhD reps are coordinated by the Graduate School.

What is a School Rep?

School Reps are that next level up from Course Reps. They represent the academic interests of every student in their School. They do not collect feedback from students directly, but they communicate with your Course Reps to identify common trends happening across courses and acting on anything that may need to be addressed at School rather than course level. They meet with the Head of School and will feedback to Course Reps on outcomes and actions being taken to address the feedback forwarded to them by Course Reps. School Reps also sit on two university committees to represent their Schools at some of the decision-making bodies of the university. School Reps act as a natural stepping stone between course level and university level.

UWSU Officers

Your elected sabbatical officers represent all of you - all 20,000 of you. They sit on university committees at the highest level, making sure your voice is heard! You have two VPs who represent your academic interest directly: your VP Undergraduate Education and your VP Postgraduate Education. Find out more about them here. They talk to your School Reps, ensuring that relevant feedback is passed onto university committees. They have manifesto commitments that they were elected on and often wish to make positive changes to university policies on your behalf.


Resources for academic reps

Full virtual training and support programmes are provided for academic reps. Recordings of our October training sessions are available on Blackboard.

Training and support resources for academic reps are posted on Blackboard. When reps have been confirmed and enrolled on their relevant Blackboard site they will see the relevant Course Rep or School Rep module on their Blackboard when they sign in. 


Information for Staff

Academic representation at the University of Westminster is a successful partnership between UWSU and the University. We work with Course Leaders, Heads of School and other academic and Professional Services staff to ensure the student voice is being heard across Westminster and that the student experience can be the best it can be.

More detailed information and guidance on the student representation arrangements at Westminster can be found on this SharePoint page.

Useful links for Course Leaders:

UWSU Course Leader Pack

► Course Action Minutes Form

► PowerPoint slides to support Course Rep Recruitment


Get in touch!

For more information about academic reps and to have an informal chat please contact