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Academic Misconduct

Finding out that you've been accused of an academic misconduct can be a big worry, however, don't panic because we're here to help.

Read all the information you've received from the University carefully

It will explain what you have been accused of (e.g. Plagiarism, Collusion, Exam Offence, False Authorship, or another dishonest, improper or unfair practice) and why. If you still have concerns, email your Module Leader for clarification.


What do I need to do next?

► Category 1

You have 10 working days to respond from the date on the University's 'Case Summary Notification'.

⇒ Respond to the University

You'll be invited to a meeting and you'll have 3 options:

1. Admit the allegation and accept the penalty

2. Admit the allegation and not accept the penalty and attend an Academic Misconduct meeting.

3. Deny the allegation and attend an Academic Misconduct meeting.


► Category 2:

You'll be invited to a hearing and you will have to confirm you're attendance by the date given on the letter.


The following applies to categories 1 and 2

⇒ Prepare for the meeting/hearing

⇒ Write a statement

    • Provide your reasons for disputing the allegation (and the penalty for category 1).

    • Refer to the University Regulations where possible to make your case more persuasive

⇒ Gather evidence to support your case (e.g. that proves it's your own work, statements from witnesses)

⇒ Invite a friend for moral support (they can be a fellow student or UWSU/UoW staff).

⇒ Submit your statement, evidence and name of friend or witness coming with you to the meeting/hearing through e:Vision. 

(Note: for Category 2 you must send the email 4 working days ahead of the hearing.)



What should I do while I'm waiting for a decision?

Your module result will be frozen until the investigation is complete. Check with your Module Leader and Registry whether you should take any referral assessments (in case the penalty is applied and means you fail the assessment).


I'm unhappy with the outcome.. What are my next steps?

► You may be able to appeal:

► Check with Registry regarding your referral and progression options.


I'd like more support

► I'd like help understanding the allegation and next steps 

UWSU Advice offers friendly, free, confidential advice. We are independent of the University so are not involved in any part of the decision-making process but instead represent your interests.

We can help you with: answering your questions, understanding the allegation, your next steps, and reviewing any communications or statements you’ve drafted for the University.


Book an appointment for advice


► I want to avoid this happening again

(Please note: Penalties for repeat offences are more severe)

Improve your study skills and understanding of Academic Misconduct.