School Reps

New this year, our school reps will be a key link between course reps and Heads of School. They will get feedback from the course reps on their course and report into the Student Experience Committee and regular meetings with Heads of School to raise school level concerns and share best practice.

School Rep FAQ's:

Who are School Reps?

School Reps are students from your School who volunteer to represent the collective academic interests of students in your school. There are up to four School Reps, and can be either undergraduate or postgraduate students.

What do School Reps do?

School Representatives represent your academic interests by gathering feedback and work with your course representatives to represent your views on issues that affect you. The type of issues we deal with include module deadlines, cancelled lectures, late lectures, unavaliability of past exam papers, limited access to lab equipment/facilities and so much more that affects studies at the University of Westminster.

Why are School Reps important?

Your feedback is crucial towards shaping the University's decision-making processes. School Reps promote a culture of partnership between various stakeholders  within the University; UoW staff, Course Reps, other School reps and the Students' Union. 

When do School Reps represent "Me"?

They represent your feedback at various Head of School meetings, focus groups and school forums in order to improve your academic experience at University of Westminster. One of your school reps will also sit on the College Teaching Committee, alongside reps from other schools in your college.

How do I become a School Rep?

We usually recruit over the summer period. Think you'd like to become one? We are currently recruiting! Apply here