Course Reps

We work in collaboration with the University of Westminster to raise the quality of your education. Our course reps are at the forefront of this. With at least one on every course, they volunteer as the first point of contact for fellow students to raise issues, concerns or positive feedback regarding their course at meetings with Course Leaders. 


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Course Rep Certificate

Whilst it might be a reward in itself to be able not only to make your experience at University better but also that of your friends and other classmates, being a Course Rep will give you so much more. You have the opportunity to up your employability skills through training as well as getting a certificate at the end of the academic year.  In order to achieve your course rep certificate and/or to get 10 credits towards Westminster Employability Award (WEA) you need to complete the following.

1. You must complete training (Online and/or face to face)

2. At least 5 meetings/events in your role as a course rep  – Meeting logs signed by the course leader/Chair of the meeting. You can down a copy of the 'Meeting log' through the Resource Hub

3. Gather feedback from a group of students through the Digital Rep and tell your course leader. Make sure to close the feedback loop.

4. Fill out the end of year Report - this will be sent to your University email address at the end February/early march.

The meetings/events that qualify for your meeting log are: Course Rep Forums, Student Reps Conference, Focus groups invites the SU send to you, the SU General Meeting, Student Council and Course meetings. More events will be added over the academic year and will be advertised to you by email.


Who are Course Reps?

Course Reps are students from your course who volunteer to represent your academic interests. There are usually two Course Reps per level of each programme.

What do Course Reps do?

Course Representative represent your academic interests by gathering feedback and your views on issues that affect you. The type of issues we deal with include module deadlines, cancelled lectures, late lecturers, unavailability of past exam papers, limited access to lab equipment/facilities and so much that affects studies at University of Westminster.

Why are Course Reps important?

Your feedback is crucial towards shaping the University's decision-making processes. Course Reps promote a culture of partnership between various stakeholders  within the University; UoW staff, other Course Reps, School reps and the Students' Union.

When do Course Reps represent "Me"?

They represent your feedback at various Course meeting, focus groups and course forums in order to improve your academic experience at University of Westminster.

How do I become a Course Rep?

To become a Course Rep, please contact your Course Leader. You will need to go through a nomination/election process where you course mates can agree that they are happy for you represent them at various meetings/focus groups they will be invited to attend.