UWSU x Match Solicitors – Advice Week!

Semester 2 can be challenging with deadlines and exams not far off  so take advantage of the help that is available from the SU. Our RRW team have partnered up with the University and Match Solicitors to provide the following workshops:

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final lab

The Conditions of The Cavendish Science Labs

Share your thoughts on the current conditions of the science labs at the Cavendish campus.

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Smoke Magazine are Recruiting!

Smoke Magazine, your student-led magazine is looking for a new editorial team for 2016/17!

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Mitigating Circumstances – Deadline soon!

Mitigating Circumstances (MC’s) deadline for all semester 1 coursework, presentations, ICT and January exams is Friday 22nd January 2016. Should you require help with your MC then please speak to a Research, Representation and Welfare (RRW) advisor in your campus.

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A ‘Dummies Guide’ to voting in the UWSU Elections

The UWSU Elections are coming up, you’re all set to get clued in about the candidates and get involved in the student democratic process – Am I right?

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Bring 99p Coffee to the University of Westminster!

Across all campuses, you said that the coffee served by the University’s Cafe’s were too expensive – and we listened! Your UWSU President has worked hard to introduce 99p coffee in ALL Westminster cafes, and but we need YOU to prove to the University that this is something we want choose which one you like the most!

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Fancy a pint? Get some Alcohol Advice from the UWSU Advice Team

At this time of year with the festive season behind us, drinking less alcohol is one of the most popular New Year resolutions. There are clear negatives of drinking too much alcohol and guidance from the Department of Health published on Friday 8th January outlines the risks of alcohol consumption. The guidance states that “you are safest not to drink regularly more than 14 units of alcohol per week, to keep the health risks from drinking alcohol to a low level.”  

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Lauren and Otis will NOT be running in the UWSU elections this year.

VP’s Lauren Waugh and Otis Kirby-Dunkley (VP’s of Regent Street and Harrow respectively) have made the decision to not re-run for their positions this year in the upcoming UWSU Elections

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To anyone effected by the power outage affecting 2000 homes in Harrow, including the Halls of Residence.

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A Semester Of Success For UWSU

As we reach the end of the first semester of the 2015/16 year – we want to show you everything that we’ve been working on so far and what a huge start it’s been to this academic year!

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