At UWSU we’re not just here to make sure you enjoy yourself - we also offer advice and guidance throughout your time at University. The Students' Union advice service can support you with issues such as:

- Settling into University

- General course advice

- Complaints

- Alleged assessment offences (Plagiarism/Collusion)

- Mitigating Circumstances

- Disciplinary hearings

- Emotional and mental health issues

- Sexual health

In this section of our website you will find information about our advice services and where you can get advice from the University.

Meet our advice service

We have four Research, Representation and Welfare (RRWs) coordinators operating across the four main campuses, whom you can contact for free and confidential advice related to academic and welfare matters. Below are your advisers and you can contact them all on the email advice.[Insert your campus]


Name: Sharon McBean
Location: ​Students’ Union office, room N3 102
Email: Sharon McBean


Name: Ade Banjoko
Location: ​Students’ Union office (The Street) 
Email:Ade Banjoko 


Name: Angelo Weekes
Location:​Students’ Union office, room LP03
Email:Angelo Weekes 

Regent Street &
Little Titchfield Street

Name: Éabhall Ní Cheallacháin
Location: ​Students’ Union office - The Deep End / appointments in UG01
Email: Éabhall Ní Cheallacháin    

London Nightline

London Nightline is a confidential listening, support and practical information service for students in London. You can call them between 6pm and 8am every night of term on 020 7631 0101. You can find out more about London Nightline on their official website here.

Academic advice

Our academic advisors will guide and support you in problems such as accusations of plagiarism (copying someone else’s work), mitigating circumstances and other academic problems or assessment offences. Feel free to come and see us at our offices at Harrow and Marylebone campuses.

The University also provides support on academic issues and can point you in the right direction of where to go for help. 

University services

Every student receives a free copy of Essential Westminster when they start at the University of Westminster. Essential Westminster has everything you need to know about University life, the support services available to students and life in London.

The guide gives good information on how to settle in to student life, including opening a bank account, registering with a doctor, transport and personal safety. The University website has an online version of Essential Westminster which is updated with any changes to information - see the online version here.