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About the University of Westminster’s Students Union

The University of Westminster Students’ Union is here to represent you – the Westminster students. When you enrol you’re automatically a member of UWSU, an organisation run by students for students. We are independent from the University – UWSU is here to represent your needs, protect your rights and make sure that the student voice is heard when important decisions are made. The objects of UWSU, as set out in the Constitution, are the advancement of education of Students at University of Westminster for the public benefit. We are an organisation of many people, many voices and many opportunities.

Note from Chief Executive

We have had notable success recently both in engaging with our students and in supporting the university’s ambitions, all whilst going through much change. The challenge is to keep up the direction of travel and find how to make the step change in the demonstrable impact that we have. Finally, we have to recognise the challenges that we now face as an organisation to make sure this change is sustainable and that the organisation is well-managed.

Key projects for the next three years

  • A greater understanding of our students and developing the student voice
  • Expansion and support for course based societies
  • A focus on student employability
  • Stronger brand identity
  • More opportunities to get involved with the SU
  • Financial and organisational stability
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    Student Union Departmental Aims

    Student Engagement and Activities

    We provide a professional advice service at each of the main sites with those roles also supporting student representation through the sabbatical officers, the SSAs and course reps.

    We support over 50 different sporting clubs with around 600 students actively involved. We provide regular fixtures in formal leagues and recreational sporting opportunities.

    We have over 100 different student societies which allow students to meet, engage and socialise around particular interests. This could be based on culture, nationality, faith, academic study or hobbies and personal interests. Over 2000 students engage with our societies and their activities.

    We train current students to provide a personal welcome to students and they are integrated into the academic welcome programme.

    These provide a site based volunteer led events and campaigns programme that is directly relevant to the students. They also support the Sabbatical officer.

    Trading and Income

    The bar is based on the Harrow campus and provides a social focus for the 2,500 students based at the site. It is a 300 capacity space that offers a bar and food service. It includes a small performance area, bar and outside garden space. It provides general bar services and also events that both entertain and showcase musical talents. The bar also provides opportunities to work with the entertainment and music based courses that are run on the campus.

    We have retail outlets at Harrow and 115 New Cavendish St which provide a range of grab and go food, snacks, essential equipment and branded goods. Our shop at Harrow also liaises with the art and design courses to provide equipment and supplies specific to the individual courses.

    We do not have our own bars in central London but have managed to successfully build relationships with bars and venues to deliver a programme for our students. We have successful feature events at the start and end of the academic year and other events throughout.

    We currently attract sponsors for our freshers fairs and some ad-hoc advertising in our communications however this is the area we seek to grow. We are a leader in online communications and A/V content for students generating relatively large volumes of content and high viewing rates. We have an active social media representation as well as our website traffic.

    Central Support and Communications

    We have a media brand called Smoke and run a TV platform on youtube, a radio station supported by the school of media art and design and a printed magazine. We have a newspaper style publication called the QH which is an outlet for ordinary students to have a voice.We look after our web site, facebook and twitter feed internally.

    We process transactions, report and manage all our finances internally. Our total income is over £1m and we manage to a break even budget to ensure students receive maximum benefit from the money.

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