About UWSU

The University of Westminster Students’ Union (UWSU) is a Student led organisation independent from the university. UWSU is here to represent your needs, protect your rights and to ensure the student voice when important decisions are made. We want to make sure that you have as much involvement in how your SU is run as possible.

The objects of the union are the advancement of education of students at the University of Westminster for the public benefit by:
      • Promoting the interests and welfare of students at the University of Westminster during their course of study


      • Representing, supporting and advising students


      • Being the recognised representative channel between students and the University of Westminster and any other external bodies; and


      • Providing social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities and forums for discussion and debate for the personal development of its students


We will pursue our mission and objects by:
      • Being relevant to all of our members;
      • Developing communities around the student;
      • Ensuring the delivery of a quality university experience;
      • Providing the facilities necessary for all of our members to achieve their university ambitions;
      • Ensuring that the organisation is fit and capable of delivering these aims.

      • We are a student led organisation and act as a sponsor for student led activity
      • We work in partnership with the university
      • We are open minded
      • We recognise, understand and embrace diversity
      • We are a safe space for our students to learn, grow and understand who they are
      • We want being involved to be fun as well as worthwhile


The Students’ Union is devoted to the educational aims, welfare and overall experience of its students. By being relevant to our students, considered as a strategic partner by the university and by being innovative in our approach we will become the leading SU in our comparator group.
Our Bye-Laws detail all of the legal goings on surrounding the running of the SU, from running for UWSU elections, to how your sports clubs and societies are run. If you’d like to download the full Bye-laws pack, click here! 
In reality a lot of people are involved in running the Union, including all of our members (that includes you!). However the ultimate decision making body is our Trustee Board – this is comprised of your 5 elected students who are now your sabbatical officers, who you can meet here, 1 ordinary student who is selected to join the trustee board meetings and 2 members of University staff and our four external trustees who you can meet here!   If you want full details on how your Students’ Union is run, click here to download the full guide to the UWSU!    

Note from Chief Executive

We have had notable success recently both in engaging with our students and in supporting the university’s ambitions, all whilst going through much change. The challenge is to keep up the direction of travel and find how to make the step change in the demonstrable impact that we have. Finally, we have to recognise the challenges that we now face as an organisation to make sure this change is sustainable and that the organisation is well-managed. Andy Smith

UWSU Departments and Departmental Aims

The Research, Representation and Welfare (RRW) Team exists to provide you with high quality information, advice and advocacy to meet the challenges of student life and to help you to successfully complete your studies.

The also team ensures that your voice – the Westminster students’ voice is heard by the University. We achieve this by training & supporting our Course Representatives, conducting research into the student experience, and promoting student engagement and participation in student elections and Student Union campaigns.

Goal 1 – Staying Relevant to all our members

·      Developing a more comprehensive and efficient Course Representative System. This will help us to ensure the student voice is adequately represented and communicated to the University.

·      Organising welfare campaigns that are most relevant to Westminster Students. This is achieved by continually analysing the data collected from our casework using the Advice Pro System for any key trends and themes and using the information to organise relevant campaigns. 

·      Providing a timely advice service complete with additional useful information.

·      Creating a clearer incident reporting system.

Goal 2 – Developing Communities around Students

·     Creating reception spaces where students feel free to enter, are warmly greeted by fellow students and receive the information and advice they need.

·     Keeping site based advisers who can develop local knowledge of issues affecting each of the respective campuses

·        Ensuring Course Rep forums are held at each campus and the forums are publicised and open to all students to attend. In addition, Reps are in regular contact with the Students’ Union 

  Goal 3 – Ensuring Delivery of Quality Experience

·      Ensuring the student voice is communicated to the university by reporting on trends arising from casework and course representative forums

·      Ensuring the Research Representation Welfare Coordinators receive adequate training in advice and other relevant areas to maintain credibility

·      Undertaking surveys and reports on different aspects of the service

·      Training the reception teams and ensuring thy are ready to welcome and adequately deal with your queries

Goal 4 – Being fit and capable to deliver these aims

·      Improving internal University decision making systems with regards to appeals and mitigating circumstances

·      Engaging in developments in the advice sector.

.     Exploring alternative areas of funding

The Student Activies team oversea all the operational demands for our Sports Teams and Societies as well as working on general Student engagment with the Students Union and providing opportunities for students in a variety of different areas.

Goal – 1 Develop our existing offering

·      Develop and implement a survey to better understand what students’ want

·      Establish termly student activities forums

·      Introduce annual monitoring and evaluation of societies and clubs membership

·      Develop a reward scheme incentivising and improving sport and society activity

·      Work with the university to develop an employability award to recognise extra/co-curricular activities

Goal 2 – Empower Student Leaders

·      Establish a student led sports and societies steering board

·      Develop training for societies and club committees focusing on areas such as; attracting members, retention, event planning, budgeting and defining a sense of purpose and identity for a society or sports team

 Goal 3 – Increase the number of non-competitive sporting activities

·      Establish a give it a go programme

·      Develop an active lifestyle campaign focusing on health and running 10 competitive sports events including runs cycle powered cinema and zumba-a-thon

·      Introduce new community and fundraising officer for each club briefed with developing volunteering coaching    opportunities in the community for their team

 Goal 4 – Increase the number of course based societies

·      Collaborate with academic course to establish more course based societies

·      Collaborate with the academic course representative system

·      Develop course based volunteering projects

 Goal 5 – Increase the number of student led opportunities for involvement

·      Develop a start your own project guide

·      Establish a funding pot to enable for sports clubs and societies

·      Work with student services to establish community based volunteering projects

The commercial and fundraising team raise additional funds for the Students’ Union. The funds raised by the team go straight back into supplementing various Students Union activities and services. The team is also responsible for the management of the Shops at Cavendish and Harrow and the major events hosted by the Students Union.

·      Work with Estates to develop a strategy for reconfiguring and refurbishing our bar spaces

·      Gain use of the catering areas for Students’ Union events or social activities.

·      Work with the caterers to establishing synergies between our respective operations

·      Work with external agencies to provide quality events with less cost

·      Ensure that our entertainment calendar offers a varied programme for all students

·      Consult students about existing services

·      Conduct a comprehensive review of our current provision to identity a clear strategy

·      Develop an ecommerce shop for branded merchandise

·      Establish a clear formalized agreement with the University of Westminster regarding crested items



·      Selling and preplanning fairs and stalls to give value for money to exhibitors and students

·      Implement digital media on all campuses

·      Implement student directories

·      Increase sales on Web, Facebook, Twitter and Smoke TV


Additional Goals

·      Hire a member of staff to help search for companies who are willing to hire Students’ whilst they are studying

·      Working towards setting up a letting agency

·      Training a staff member to work solely on fundraising 

The communications team work towards creating greater awareness of student union activities amoungst the student population. Additionally team helps faciliate the student media platforms and opportunities available at Westminster.

Aims for 2014/15

    • To Significantly build on our current student audience and engagement levels across all our media platforms

    • Rasing more awareness amounsgt university staff and various external organisations of progress made by the union

Student Union Communications

    • Hiring a full communications team to adequately equiped to serve the Students Union

    • Enhancing our use of social media platforms and to grow our Audience

    • Introduce a new student union e-newsletter 

    • Working closely with other departments to ensure they’re effectively communicating to students.

Student Engagement with Student Media

    • Greater clarification of how each of our student media platforms operate and promoting the skill based benefits of getting involved 

    • Creating greater accessibillity for students who like to get involved with any of the media platforms. This will be achived by improving the process of registering interest and ensuring there is sufficient entry level features and productions new students can involved in.

    • Training materials and sessions available for students who are new to student media

    • Student Audience for Student Media

Student Audience Levels for Student Media

    • Promotion of content syndicated across the all mediums in a variety of creative ways tailored for each medium

    • Greater utalisation of existing social media platforms