Games and Creative Society


The University of Westminster Games and Creative Society (GCS) was created in September 2013. Upon its creation GCS has hosted many events mainly in a fortnightly sequence, events include: Card events where users can play any card game they desire e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic, Munchkin, Pokemon and many more, another popular event is the Nintendo nights where members play smash brawls and Mario kart, we also have prize give-aways on these events to try promote the competitive side of gaming. In addition to the inter-campus event we host events outside our university, such as mixed events with Queen Mary and Gaming bars.
The GCS is aimed at all Westminster students who just want to chill out and play games. The society aims to provide an environment where gamers can unite and play as a team or against each other both casualty and competitively, all gamers are encouraged to help each other get better and respect one another to get better at our common hobby which is gaming. 
GCS Games and Creative Society - 2013/14 Committee:
Conor Wood (President)
Serafettin Kilinc (Vice-President)
Luke Harris (Vice-President)
Aksel Stysial (Chairman)
James Lumley (Treasurer)
Chris Boucher (Event Organizer)
Nielsen Cerbolles (Social Media)


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