A critical reflection of US foreign policy

The University of Westminster alongside Yusuf Kaplin, Interfaith Advisor, will hold the second debate on the implications US foreign policy is having on an international level. As the western world continues to eye the events in the Middle East among many other nations, there is growing concern over the US' involvement - or lack of it - in international affairs. The topic of US foreign policy could not be more in the firing line after The Guardian and the New York Times published the security leaks of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. 

Attending the critical reflection will representatives from the Embassy of the United States and USAID (US Agency for International Development). This is a unique opportunity for students to put forward questions to diplomats who are directly involved in the implementation of policy that has an  evident effect on the global stage.  

The discussions will be facilitated in the spirit of openness, but the Chatham House rule applies: participants are free to use and publish the information but neither the identity or the affiliation of the speaker or participant can be revelled in any subsequent publication. 

* The event will take place on Thursday 12 December not  Thursday 02 December as it says on the flyer below. 
* Venue change. Talk will take place in CLG:11  




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